Monday, October 6, 2008

Potty Training & Walking

First off Adventures in Potty Training. Audrey is learning to use the Potty, and doing quite well most of the time. I send her to daycare in panties, and almost everyday she comes home in the same outfit. So, I thought it might be time to venture further in the panties. We went to Church Sunday in big girl panties. I even took her to the potty before class. When I went into get her from class, she was doing that bow-legged walk that kids do when they have messed their panties...and believe me it was a mess. She had poo-pooed in her panties. Luckily I had brought a pullup, but I had to do the old tag and bag with her panties and pants until we got home where I could put them in the washing machine. Fun Fun!

Second off Adventures in Walking. Ian my son is already walking. I think he wants to be into whatever Audrey is into. Then again, I think that Audrey wants to be into everything he is into because he gets into everything that Audrey never did. On any given day you can go into my kitchen and find spoons and pans from the cabinets where Ian has rumaged to find treasure. We are constantly having to go behind him and watch to make sure he doesn't put anything tasty in his mouth...i e, leafs, chalk, tv wires, you name it, I am sure he has tried to put it in his mouth at least once. So, with him walking now, we have to watch him even closer. Just wait until he really gets those legs to working.

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