Friday, June 26, 2009

Sayings from the kiddos

Nothing to post as of pics of projects today, but I thought I would add some cute things the kids have done here lately. Ian will now answer questions. If you ask him what does a cow say? He says Moo with his lips all pooched out like he is going to kiss cute. He will also answer what does a cat say? He says Ow instead of Meow, but I know what he is trying to say. When he wants something, and you say what do you say he will say what sounds like cheese which is really please.

Audrey has her own little saying, too. If she ask you for raccoons you better be turning on the tv for some cartoons. And if she says she is playing with a holy poly she is probably playing with a roly poly.

That's about all the fun sayings with the kiddos that I have for the moment. Stayed tuned for more.

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