Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sundress Redo Part 2

I know ya'll have been waiting to see what else I did with the sundress so here is the second piece. Sorry about the picture quality. My regular photographer was working late so I had mini me take a picture from my Iphone. I am planning on coming back and replacing these pics. I just wanted to get something out on my blog.

For those of you who haven't seen the original pic of the sundress, here is a reminder:

Here is the after pic.

I actually started working on this part first, but I decided that I needed a different color of thread then what I had so I put it to the side for a little bit.

When I first tried the top part on I decided that the straps needed to be taken in somehow. So, my first thought was to rip the seem that was holding the straps to the dress and just make them ties for a halter top. When I went to do this, I found a wonderful surprise.

The straps were actually adjustable, and they had three button holes at the ends that then buttoned into the back of the top. So, I played around with it to get the right fit. I decided to criss-cross the straps in the back bringing up the top enough for my liking.

The next step for me was to make the front not so revealing. So, I sewed up the V in the front. You can see in the picture by my drawn lines exactly where I sewed. This shirt still seems quite revealing for me, but I think it might just work for a hot date with my hubby.


~Beth D. said...

It is very flattering as a top! I love it! good job.

OneRadMother said...

Saw this 30days - I have a sundress I could do the same thing with!! Very cute!!