Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Color My World

Sorry for the cheesy title. I'm not very good at coming up with catchy titles. This tutorial is a long time coming. I took these pictures back in January.

Today I am going to show you how to make the shaped crayons that are so popular right now.

All you need are some broken crayons, a mold of some sort and a stove. I guess the stove goes without saying.

To get started, break up your crayons into small enough pieces to fit in the molds. Then, start filling your molds. I stuck to putting the same color crayons together, but you can put different colors together to have a rainbow affect.

My mold is actually an ice mold from the Dollar Spot at Target. They came 2 to a package, and they were only $2.50. That is why there is foil lining my cookie tray. I wasn't sure how well the ice trays would hold up. I put the trays in the oven at 275 for about 10 minutes. Just keep an eye on your crayons. You can tell when they are ready to come out of the oven when they all appear to be in a liquid state. After I took them out of the oven, I placed them in the fridge to harden faster.

I got inpatient and jacked my temp up just a little. It started warping the ice cube tray. So, if you are using ice trays stick to the lower temp and take your time. I bet the Dollar Spot has trays for St. Patty's day and Easter now. Why don't you go take a look?


Theresa @ Just Call Me "T" said...

That is great! We have so many crayon bits here. lol I'm gonna have to do this. Thanks! :D

*follower now*

(found you through The Trendy Treehouse's Creative Share Wednesdays, please give me a visit)

Theresa @ Just Call Me "T" said...

I'm back. ;)

Thought I'd let you know that I tried it out today and loved making them! :)

I blogged about it and linked you up, giving you props. Hope you don't mind. http://just-call-me-t.blogspot.com/2011/03/mold-your-own-crayons-tutorial.html


Yvonne said...

What a great idea- I have never seen this before! I love the picture of your kids waiting by the stove...too cute!

Jamie said...

I bet your kids had a blast coloring with them!! Thank you for sharing. I'm a new follower. Hope to see you at DIY Home Sweet Home on Monday for More The Merrier Mondays Link Party.


Abby said...

Your blog is so cute!!! Thanks for this idea, I LOVE IT!! I'm excited for my little boy to grow up already so we can do it together!!! I'm over at myyellowsandbox.blogspot.com if you ever want to stop by! I'll be sharing your idea in a few days!! I'm your newest follower too!! Ah, followers. They're the best huh!?

AllieMakes! said...

How fun! Great idea!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

Ginna said...

What a fun thing to do on a rainy day! Thanks for Sharing!


radn said...

Never knew ice trays would work in the oven! Looks like the kids were definitely keeping a watch. what a nice activity to share with kids.

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