Tuesday, January 21, 2014

November Cakes

There were a lot of cakes in November.  Definitely a busy month for us.  We have three birthdays in our family alone.  Only one of the cakes I did was for our birthdays, though.  The rest were for clients.

First up the fun ninjago cake.  My son loves Kai of the Lego Ninjago cartoon series.  So, we just had to have a Kai cake.

Kai is a strawberry cake with buttercream icing overlayed with red fondant with yellow and black accent fondant pieces.
The next cake is an under the sea cake for a friend from church.

This cake is all buttercream.  I used my airbrush to color the whole cake blue.  I then used several colors of buttercream to make the fish and sea live.  The purple plant was done using the petal technique.  I will show you another cake soon where I used this same technique.  The rest was just made with several different wilton tips.

More November cakes to come soon.

If you would like to see any tutorials in the future on anything, please let me know.