Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pulling Into the Station - Home Decor Stop

Welcome to the station. Step out carefully, and please visit the gift shop.

Our first stop on today's trip is to a land where things are hacked and whacked to come up with amazing furniture pieces. Please go visit Ikea Hackers.

The second stop on the trip is to a land where everything old is new again. Please visit Love Leigh Again.

The last stop on this trip is a place with lots of curb appeal. Please visit Curbly.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I need A Hero

I promised a long time ago that I would post some better pictures of the cape I made for baby boy's birthday back in November. Well, I am finally getting around to posting them. Sorry for the delay. This was super easy to make. Anybody with beginning sewing skills can make one of these.

There is one side batman.

And the other side superman.

I used the pattern over at Serving Pink Lemonade for the emblems.

Deets~I bought a yard of each color, but I had plenty left over for other projects. That's where the red and black came from in the car tote. First, I measure my little boy from shoulder to back of knee to get the length. One thing that I wish I would have done was measure his neck. I got the neck a little too big on my cape. To fix this issue I will probably go back and add some extra velcro. To cut out the symmetrical pattern, I folded the fabric in half, and then drew a cape on my fabric. I cut that out and used that as my pattern on the next piece. After I cut the felt pieces out for the emblems, I Wunder Undered them on the cape. I then hand-sewed around the felt to give it a little more staying power. I sewed the pieces together with the emblems facing each other with a gap at the bottom so I could flip it inside out. I then did a base stitch all the way around the cape. After I was done with that I added velcro to the collar pieces. You can make these in any color you want. My little girl has one as well that Nana made after she saw this original one I made.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Out For a Sunday Drive

Sorry this post is a little late this week. I am going to try to start having craft post on Tuesdays and the Pulling Into The Station post on Thursdays. I made this car tote for baby boy for Christmas. We have tested it out once at church. He really didn't use the road side at all. He was more interested in running the cars into the back wall since we were on the back row. Oh, well! Maybe he will use the road sometime.

I don't have measurements I just eyeballed it. I wish I would have made it a little taller so there was more road space and I would have probably added another row of cars, but this was my first attempt at anything like this.

I decided to put his name on the outside so that we might be able to keep up with it. I just wonder undered some felt letters on the side. I need to go back and iron them on better or even stitch over them so they don't come off. I just used fabric and felt that I had in my stash. I am thinking about doing a tote for baby girl's little Polly Pockets and Disney Princesses. These are perfect for car trips or keeping your kids occupied in church, or at least they are supposed to be.

Deets~First off I knew that I wanted to make it 5 cars across so I took 5 cars and laid them out across the fabric, and then cut the fabric that width. I cut out two rectangles the same size for the front and insides. I then cut the green fabric. i ironed down the two sides of fabric, and then sewed them onto the black with lines for pockets. I made it where the openings of the pockets would be at the top that way when he's carrying it they won't fall out. I wonder undered the street lines and bushes on, and then I sewed the water on. These were all made out of felt. I made handles by cutting four strips of fabric. I sewed them wrong sides together and then pulled them out to the right side. I then wonder undered the name on the outside of the tote. I sewed the two right sides together on the long ends. Then, I flipped the tote inside out. I ironed down the edges on the short side, and I pinned the handles in. I then did a top-stitch over the short sides and over the handles. It was then done.

I think I got my idea from over at Homemade By Jill.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pulling Into the Station - Craft Stop

Welcome to the station. Step out carefully, and please visit the gift shop.

Our first stop on today's trip is to a land where things appear to be normal but underneath they are very different. At this stop you will see many different crafts and projects from several different creators all under one roof. Please go visit Be Different, Act Normal.

The second stop on the trip is to a land where craftiness abounds in is all in one nice location for you. Please visit UCreate.

The last stop on this trip is just down the road from the last, and there are lots of children here. This place has several crafts that kids can make. Please visit UCreate With Kids.

Hope you enjoy your stops. I will try to have a post up on Thursday of something I have made just have to take some pictures.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pulling Into The Station - Cake Stop

I love to make cakes for my kiddos for their birthdays so when I see a blog that has great cakes I have to let out a little squeal. Here are a few that I have found.

I just found this blog the other day, but she has some amazing cakes. She does a lot of fondant work. I haven't ventured into the land of fondant yet, but I would like to give it a try someday. Please visit I'm Topsy Turvy.

The next blog has some pretty amazing cakes as well. Too bad I don't live anywhere near winnipeg. I could probably learn a lot. Please visit Cake-ology.

This next blog is amazing when it comes to cakes. Usually she ices them pretty simply, but it's what's inside the cake that is amazing. Please visit I Am Baker.

If you have any cake blogs that you would like to share please leave me a comment.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pink Pansy Shirt

This shirt is one of the many things I made for Christmas presents. This is the last shirt I did. I made this for my sister-in-law. I decided to get a shirt that was a pink shade because I had seen her wear pink stuff before.

I bought two shirts from Joann's at their Veteran's Day Sale. I was trying to make my flowers like the ones in this post from Make It and Love It, but I never could get my flowers to turn out the way she did so I just did my own thing.

Deets~ I cut lots and lots of circles again with this one. I cute some that were about 3 inches in diameter and some that were about 2 inches in diameter. I then sewed about 5 of them together sewing across the diagonal three times. It looked liked a pizza with six slices. I then cut between all the layers except the last one to make it look like a flower. I sewed on three beads in the center which I purchased at Wal-Mart. I cut the collar off the main shirt and gave it more of a dropped neckline, and then I tacked the flowers onto the shirt by the back circle that I didn't cut through. I had some extra flowers left over so I made some hairclips to go with the shirt. I didn't take any pictures of the hairclips, though.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flower Power Shirt

I worked on several projects for Christmas. This is one of two shirts that I will be sharing. I really wanted to make more homemade gifts this year, and I would say I did pretty good. I ended up making five homemade presents to give to family. I will get to them all within the next couple of weeks. This first one was for my mom. She likes the color blue so that is what I started out with. She really doesn't like shirts that have too much stuff on them so I took that into consideration.

I purchased two shirts the same color and size from Joann's when they were having a sale.

Deets~ First, I cut out lots and lots of little circles. I used the top of a small candle as my template. Then, I folded a few circles in half and cut some knicks out of the circles to make them look more like flowers. I then folded each flower in half and then half again and sewed them in bunches of four. Before I sewed them on the main shirt, I cut the collar of it to give it a little bit more of a dipped neck. I then decided how I was going to lay them on the shirt. I hand sewed each flower on, and then it was finished.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Refurbished Frame

I originally got the frame at a white elephant Christmas party. I knew I wouldn't used it as it was.

So, I decided to repaint it by doing something with the tons of scrapbook paper I have.

This ended up being a present for my sister-in-law, and I think she actually liked it. I was a little worried since it was homemade.

Deets ~ I put painters tape around the edges of the frame because I liked the worn detail on the edges. I then spray painted the frame with brown paint. I then handcut all the letters and flowers because I don't have a die cut machine of any kind. For this I simply reversed the letters in a word program on my pc and printed them on the backside of the scrapbook paper, and then cut them out. I then used Mod Podge to paste the words and flowers onto the frame. I put a layer Mod Podge over the whole thing, and called it done. For some reason the lettering looks way crooked on the bottom row in the picture. I don't think it's that crooked in real life.