Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Best Pops

For Father's Day I decided I wanted to do something cheap but creative. I had seen several soda pop label variations on line, and thought they were cute.

I downloaded the labels from Delightfully Noted for her soda bottles, but I didn't buy orange soda so I didn't use her exact label.

I changed mine up a little bit by changing the colors to match my sodas, and changing the stars because I couldn't find an image of the same star.

Here are my labels for both IBC Root Beer and IBC Cream Soda.

Hope you had a great Father's Day. This idea would still be great for a Birthday present.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Glass-Etched Dish

I have seen this done on several craft blogs, but I can't remember which ones. It's kind of hard to remember when you're a blog-surfaholic.

My Memaw's birthday is coming up, and she is always taking food up to the church for fellowship meals. I thought I would come up with a surefire way to get her dish back.

The items I gathered for this project were a glass dish, contact paper and etching cream.

I used my silhouette to cut out the design into the contact paper. I then adhered it to the back to the dish, and applied the etching cream. I left mine on about 6 minutes.

It gave the surface a light etching. So, now my Memaw has a dish that can never accidentally be taken from someone else because her name will always be on it.

Next time I do something like this, I will reverse my image so that you can read the name through the dish.

I got my contact paper at Target in the cleaning supplies section, and I got the etching cream at either Hobby Lobby or Micheal's.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reverse Applique Shirt

I made this cute shirt for my nephews birthday. I think it turned out rather cute for the first time that I have done reverse applique.

I bought a shirt on sale at Michael's, and then I found a t-shirt that my husband never wore to use as the red part. This is definitely a great way to use those promotional shirts you sometimes get.

I printed out my name, and then traced it onto tissue paper. I pinned the red to the inside of the shirt, and then pinned the name to the front. I then took my time sewing around each letter. After that, I cut the access red fabric away on the inside of the shirt. Then, I picked the tissue paper that was left out of the design. When all was done, I took a pair of sharp scissors and carefully cut away the blue shirt to reveal the red underneath. The design and color possibilities are endless.

I like the red and blue so much that I am thinking about making USA shirts for July 4th. I have also thought about selling these. If anybody is interested in a shirt, let me know.

One of the commenters posed a good question. Will the edges of the cut shirt fray any? It depends on which type of fabric it is. I think with the knits it might roll up a little but not fray With other fabrics, it would fray a little.