Monday, February 23, 2015

June Cake

The couple that I did the wedding cake for in November, requested a ninja cake for their son in June.  The mom looked up ninja cakes and gave me an inspiration cake to look at.

The cake was a yellow cakes mix which was covered in buttercream and fondant.  I then cut out a ninja silhouette.  I made nun chucks by making the handles out of fondant.  I then made chain out of gray fondant which I painted with a silver luster dust/vodka mixture.  I also made ninja stars using the same method.

Here is the result.

December Cake

My Sister-in-Law thought she was 40 a whole year earlier than what she was.  So, I had to make a cake to let her know she really was 40 now.

I saw a cake similar, but I am not sure where are saw it.  If you know can just comment and I will give credit to them for the inspiration.

I made a confetti cake and then iced it in buttercream.  I covered the whole thing in fondant which I then airbrushed black.

I made several bright colors of fondant and used cutters to cut out symbols.  I just cut out what I didn't have cutters for by hand.  I rolled colored balls of fondant for the border.

Here is the result.

July Cake

My nephew's only request was that I make the cake taste like Mountain Dew.  So, I went one step further and made the cake look like a Mountain Dew can.

I started with a lemon flavored cake mix then replaced the liquids with Mountain Dew.  I also added some extra lemon flavor and Soda Stream "Mountain Dew" flavor to my buttercream.  I colored fondant to match the colors in the can.  I then cut out the different designs on the logo.  For the ends, I made gray fondant and then put silver luster dust mixed with vodka on the ends to make it look like a real can.  I lightly airbrushed the whole cake to make it look metallic.  I added green colored food gel to make it look like the can had spilt.  Here is the result.

November Cakes

I had two cakes in November.

My son wanted a Minecraft Birthday Party, so I created a Creeper cake.

It was a strawberry cake covered in strawberry buttercream.  I made green fondant, and then made small squares out of different colors of green and black.  I used my letter fondant cutters to cut out Happy Birthday!

The next cake was a request for my yearly customer that I have in November.  They went in a totally different direction this year.  They wanted a dragon cake.  They wanted a real looking  dragon.  So, they sent me some pictures for inspiration.  It is a strawberry cake covered in buttercream.  I airbrushed blue as my background.  I then drew on the outline of the dragon and then filled the outline with piping.  I smoothed that down with a paper towel.  Next, I took food coloring and directly applied in to areas to give it a little bit of depth.  Here is the final result.