Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pulling Into The Station - P skip Q RS Stop

Welcome Back! It's time to go on another adventure together. Our first stop is verying interesting. That's right, we're going there. If you have checked out Pinterest yet you've seriously got to stop by there.

You can find things from crafts to movies to food like this.

The cool part is you can pin it and come back to it later. You can find me at Pinterest, here. Come follow me.

Would you believe I couldn't find any blogs that started with Q. If you know of one out there, let me know. So, the next stop will leave you wanting to run with scissors. Please stop by Running With Scissors, but be careful.

Just look at this cute rainbow dress she created.

On the last stop, sit a while and take a sip of pink lemonade. Please stop by Serving Pink Lemonade.

Look at these cute ball Valentine's she made. I have already pinned this to Pinterest.

Hope you enjoyed the stops today.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quilt Boards or Kids Travel Felt Boards

I got my idea from A Bee in My Bonnet when I saw her mini design boards HERE. I pinned them for something to do for my mom for Christmas.
After looking at them for a little bit, they reminded me of the felt boards in my Sunday school classes when I was a kid so I ran with it, and made my own thing. For my kids and my niece, I made travel felt boards which included mini shapes to use for counting or being creative and coming up with their own shapes. To make the boards pull double duty, I spray painted the back with chalk board paint so they could have a travel chalk board as well. I did end up making some boards for my mother and sister-in-law to use as quilt boards that did not include the felt pieces. They did get a chalk board, though. Because everyone needs chalk boards. Hope you liked my tutorial.