Monday, February 23, 2015

June Cake

The couple that I did the wedding cake for in November, requested a ninja cake for their son in June.  The mom looked up ninja cakes and gave me an inspiration cake to look at.

The cake was a yellow cakes mix which was covered in buttercream and fondant.  I then cut out a ninja silhouette.  I made nun chucks by making the handles out of fondant.  I then made chain out of gray fondant which I painted with a silver luster dust/vodka mixture.  I also made ninja stars using the same method.

Here is the result.

December Cake

My Sister-in-Law thought she was 40 a whole year earlier than what she was.  So, I had to make a cake to let her know she really was 40 now.

I saw a cake similar, but I am not sure where are saw it.  If you know can just comment and I will give credit to them for the inspiration.

I made a confetti cake and then iced it in buttercream.  I covered the whole thing in fondant which I then airbrushed black.

I made several bright colors of fondant and used cutters to cut out symbols.  I just cut out what I didn't have cutters for by hand.  I rolled colored balls of fondant for the border.

Here is the result.

July Cake

My nephew's only request was that I make the cake taste like Mountain Dew.  So, I went one step further and made the cake look like a Mountain Dew can.

I started with a lemon flavored cake mix then replaced the liquids with Mountain Dew.  I also added some extra lemon flavor and Soda Stream "Mountain Dew" flavor to my buttercream.  I colored fondant to match the colors in the can.  I then cut out the different designs on the logo.  For the ends, I made gray fondant and then put silver luster dust mixed with vodka on the ends to make it look like a real can.  I lightly airbrushed the whole cake to make it look metallic.  I added green colored food gel to make it look like the can had spilt.  Here is the result.

November Cakes

I had two cakes in November.

My son wanted a Minecraft Birthday Party, so I created a Creeper cake.

It was a strawberry cake covered in strawberry buttercream.  I made green fondant, and then made small squares out of different colors of green and black.  I used my letter fondant cutters to cut out Happy Birthday!

The next cake was a request for my yearly customer that I have in November.  They went in a totally different direction this year.  They wanted a dragon cake.  They wanted a real looking  dragon.  So, they sent me some pictures for inspiration.  It is a strawberry cake covered in buttercream.  I airbrushed blue as my background.  I then drew on the outline of the dragon and then filled the outline with piping.  I smoothed that down with a paper towel.  Next, I took food coloring and directly applied in to areas to give it a little bit of depth.  Here is the final result.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

May Cake

My niece wanted a hobbit themed cake.  She was asking for one way before it was time for her birthday.  So, what is an Aunt to do but make her niece what she is asking for.

 The hobbit house is chocolate cake dirty iced in chocolate buttercream.  I then covered it in marshmallow fondant.  I made rocks and a path out of gray fondant, and piped in buttercream grass using the Wilton grass tip.

  Bilbo is made of a wire frame covered in fondant.

Gandalf is made of a wire frame and covered in fondant as well.  His staff was a kebob stick cut down and covered in fondant.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

April Cakes

April brought another birthday and Easter.

My brother had his birthday this month.  He loves hunting and fishing.  My husband and him went to a gun show, and they saw a poster.  My brother commented that he liked it.  So, a cake idea was born.

Here is the poster.

Here is the cake.

It is a strawberry cake dirty iced in strawberry buttercream.  I then covered the whole thing in marshmallow fondant.  I created a stencil and I airbrushed it with red.  I took a toothbrush that hadn't been used yet, and flicked the same color on the cake for the splatter.

For Easter, we went to a family reunion.  They were having a cake walk so I whipped up a cake real quick.


I used a simple white cake that was dirty iced in buttercream.  I then took marshmallow fondant and covered the cake.  I made grass for the sides and I used Easter cookie cutters for the rabbit and carrots.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

March Cakes

I made two cakes in March.  One was for my sister-in-law's birthday.  She requested a hobbit cake.  She wants me to do a hobbit house for her daughter's birthday in May so she wanted something different than that.  I decided to make a book.

 The cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.  I thought about using the leftover maroon fondant from my mom's cake in February, but I decided to make green instead.  I put a strip of white fondant around the cake for the pages.  I used a fondant tool to add lines, and I used luster dust and cocoa powder to age the pages.  I added some fondant strips on the binding before I covered the whole cake in the green fondant.  I then etched in the lettering and J. R. R. Tolkien's logo.  After that, I painted the letters and the binding with a paste made from vodka and gold luster dust.  My sister-in-law really liked her cake.

The next cake was for my niece's 2nd birthday.  Her mom asked me to make a 'Melmo' cake.  So, I started by searching for inspiration.  I found the following Elmo Cake and used the same color scheme modifying my final version a little.

 The cake was white confetti cake with buttercream frosting then covered in yellow fondant.  I used cookie cutters for the big and little Elmos, stars and two.  The letters for the name were cut by hand.