Friday, November 19, 2010

Pulling Into The Station - Craft Stop

I am back with another installment of Blog Spot. These are some blogs that I frequent often to can inspiration for crafts. I will be having a few of my own pretty soon.

The first one just list a lot of crafts that people all over blogland have been creating. If you click on the image, it will send you to that person's blog so you can get instructions on how to make your very own project. Please go visit Childmade - an idea place.

This second one is almost just like the first blog in that it list out crafts from other people's blogs. This one however list out the name and the project with the pictures. Please go visit One Pretty Thing.

The third one I am featuring isn't like the others, but I don't think I have anymore blogs where they feature other people's least not like the other two blogs. So, I am just going to feature one of my fav individuals. This blog has all types of sewing projects on it. Please go vist Made.

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Cath said...

Great resources! Thanks, Stephanie!