Thursday, December 23, 2010

Letter to Santa

I have had this chalkboard finished for a couple of month's now. I used it in my fall decor and now I am using it in my Christmas decor. I made it so that we could use it as a message board when the kids get older. We got the frame at a neighbor's garage sale for 50 cents. The glass was broke and there was a drawing in the frame, but I just wanted it for the frame anyway.

Deets~I bought a board at Lowe's cut to fit the frame and painted it with chalkboard paint. I then cleaned off the old paint on the frame, and spray painted it with a red color. Then, I hot glued the board to the frame. I love how it turned out.


June@I will craft said...

Very nice. Thanks for commenting on my mini boards and linking to yours. I have a couple large frames that I plan on making into a large chalk and cork board combo. One of these days......

CherishedHearts Vintage said...

Thank you for mentioning that you used hot glue. I was wondering how to attach the board and frame.

Lovely board!