Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flower Power Shirt

I worked on several projects for Christmas. This is one of two shirts that I will be sharing. I really wanted to make more homemade gifts this year, and I would say I did pretty good. I ended up making five homemade presents to give to family. I will get to them all within the next couple of weeks. This first one was for my mom. She likes the color blue so that is what I started out with. She really doesn't like shirts that have too much stuff on them so I took that into consideration.

I purchased two shirts the same color and size from Joann's when they were having a sale.

Deets~ First, I cut out lots and lots of little circles. I used the top of a small candle as my template. Then, I folded a few circles in half and cut some knicks out of the circles to make them look more like flowers. I then folded each flower in half and then half again and sewed them in bunches of four. Before I sewed them on the main shirt, I cut the collar of it to give it a little bit more of a dipped neck. I then decided how I was going to lay them on the shirt. I hand sewed each flower on, and then it was finished.

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Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Very cute!! Thanks for auditioning for OMTWI! Don't forget to put the button in your post or sidebar!