Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quilt Boards or Kids Travel Felt Boards

I got my idea from A Bee in My Bonnet when I saw her mini design boards HERE. I pinned them for something to do for my mom for Christmas.
After looking at them for a little bit, they reminded me of the felt boards in my Sunday school classes when I was a kid so I ran with it, and made my own thing. For my kids and my niece, I made travel felt boards which included mini shapes to use for counting or being creative and coming up with their own shapes. To make the boards pull double duty, I spray painted the back with chalk board paint so they could have a travel chalk board as well. I did end up making some boards for my mother and sister-in-law to use as quilt boards that did not include the felt pieces. They did get a chalk board, though. Because everyone needs chalk boards. Hope you liked my tutorial.

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