Thursday, July 31, 2014

April Cakes

April brought another birthday and Easter.

My brother had his birthday this month.  He loves hunting and fishing.  My husband and him went to a gun show, and they saw a poster.  My brother commented that he liked it.  So, a cake idea was born.

Here is the poster.

Here is the cake.

It is a strawberry cake dirty iced in strawberry buttercream.  I then covered the whole thing in marshmallow fondant.  I created a stencil and I airbrushed it with red.  I took a toothbrush that hadn't been used yet, and flicked the same color on the cake for the splatter.

For Easter, we went to a family reunion.  They were having a cake walk so I whipped up a cake real quick.


I used a simple white cake that was dirty iced in buttercream.  I then took marshmallow fondant and covered the cake.  I made grass for the sides and I used Easter cookie cutters for the rabbit and carrots.


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