Friday, January 13, 2012

Pulling Into The Station - MNO Stop

Ok, now that everyone is back from taking holiday leave, let's take a little trip to the station. Our first stop leaves you wanting to lay around making jewelry and soaking up the sun. Please stop by Mich L. in L.A.
She takes mystery items and creates very unique jewelry pieces out of them. She used a mask to come up with the shiny leaf beads on this necklace.
This next stop will leave you feeling like your more than just a housewife. Please stop by Not Just A Housewife.
She made this lovely hidden drawer shelf out of recycled boards.
Our last stop of the day will help you out if your not quite the normal bride. I'm not talking Bridezilla, I'm just talking you want a wedding that doesn't follow the traditional flow of weddings. Please vist Offbeat Bride.
They offer information about real brides, and what made their weddings so unique and special to them. Like these unique invitations.
Thanks for stopping by as always, and come back for more stops along the way.

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