Monday, February 23, 2015

July Cake

My nephew's only request was that I make the cake taste like Mountain Dew.  So, I went one step further and made the cake look like a Mountain Dew can.

I started with a lemon flavored cake mix then replaced the liquids with Mountain Dew.  I also added some extra lemon flavor and Soda Stream "Mountain Dew" flavor to my buttercream.  I colored fondant to match the colors in the can.  I then cut out the different designs on the logo.  For the ends, I made gray fondant and then put silver luster dust mixed with vodka on the ends to make it look like a real can.  I lightly airbrushed the whole cake to make it look metallic.  I added green colored food gel to make it look like the can had spilt.  Here is the result.

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