Monday, February 23, 2015

November Cakes

I had two cakes in November.

My son wanted a Minecraft Birthday Party, so I created a Creeper cake.

It was a strawberry cake covered in strawberry buttercream.  I made green fondant, and then made small squares out of different colors of green and black.  I used my letter fondant cutters to cut out Happy Birthday!

The next cake was a request for my yearly customer that I have in November.  They went in a totally different direction this year.  They wanted a dragon cake.  They wanted a real looking  dragon.  So, they sent me some pictures for inspiration.  It is a strawberry cake covered in buttercream.  I airbrushed blue as my background.  I then drew on the outline of the dragon and then filled the outline with piping.  I smoothed that down with a paper towel.  Next, I took food coloring and directly applied in to areas to give it a little bit of depth.  Here is the final result.

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