Tuesday, September 22, 2015

And They Lived Happily 'Ever After'

For my daughter's last birthday, she wanted an Ever After High Cake.  So, I got right on that.  I love that I can make a cake with characters that she loves without breaking the bank.  I know if I tried to get someone else to make a similar cake, it would have cost me an arm and a leg.

My inspiration came from this cake by Cake-a-Mania.  You can see this cake and others at www.cake-a-mania.com.


I don't have an edible paper printer so I improvised on my framed image.  My daughter still loved it.

the cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache on it.   This was my first time using ganache so I was pretty impressed with how my edges turned out.  On the bottom layer, I used a plastic bag dabbed in food color.  For the gold details, I took gold dust and vodka and painted it on.  I used food gel and brushes to paint on Raven Queen.

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