Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cakes Fit for a Boy

I have several cakes that would be perfect for little boys or big boys.

I'll start out with the earliest one I did.  I think this was my second fondant cake, and it shows.  We couldn't decide what we wanted to do for my little one's birthday so we opted for a dump truck.  What little boy doesn't love dump trucks.

The cake is yellow.  The fondant is homemade marshmallow fondant dyed yellow.  The tires are rice krispie treats covered in fondant and cut in half.  The sides of the truck are yellow candy melts that I smoothed onto a flat service, and then cut out.  The dirt is crushed up oreos.  This was such a fun cake to make, and my little one enjoyed it a lot.

The next year he wanted Batman so I stuck with something simple, and made the Bat Symbol.  

This is white cake with all buttercream decorations.  I carved a 13 x 18 cake down to the oval shape.  I printed out a bat and traced it onto my cake.  I then filled the bat with black buttercream.

My next cake was for a special friend.  His mom requested Legos on his cake and sent me a shot of a cake as an idea.

This cake was chocolate with chocolate buttercream, and covered in marshmallow fondant dyed green.  I then cut out lots and lots of little rectangles in varying sizes and added them around the cake.  Each dot on top was placed individually after I cut it out with a round icing tip.  The blocks were made by cutting out thick fondant squares.  I think the birthday boy enjoyed it.

My next cake was for a much older boy.  My nephew wouldn't give me much to work with, but he said he wanted a Team Fortress cake.  I decided to do the logo because that was the quickest and easiest thing to do.

The cake is a lemon/mountain dew flavor with buttercream icing.  The buttercream is airbrushed an orange color.  The black details are all marshmallow fondant.  It was simple, but I think he enjoyed it.

Come back for more cakes soon.

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